Reading College LLD/D Students MERL Workshop Two 14.10.13

Today we met at Reading College to develop Klikin websites with our Co-Researchers exploring our senses and how we used our senses to experience our visit to the Museum of English Rural Life MERL. You can see the Klikin Group Page HERE

The picture below shows drawings by Andy reminding us of our 5 senses:



Andys Drawing

The picture below shows Andy reminding us about our five senses. The group told us about their weekend and Andy pointed out what senses they had used.

Andy Introduces the day

Andy Introduces










Sian described and demonstrated her weekend activities in this video

Rumena likes the taste of Broccoli, Skye watched a film at the cinema which had an  Ostrich in it, Guillmero loves to listen to the music of JLS, Rachel likes the smell of her pink nail varnish, Sian likes to touch the fur of her black labrador, Luke likes the taste of beer and Rachel listens to Michael Jackson.

The picture below shows the group discussing their senses and the visit to MERL last week. We used the instant pictures that Rumena and Sian took to help us remember the visit. Then Andy, Gosia, Ajay, Shauna and John from The Rix Centre introduced everyone to Klikin Websites

Co-Researchers develop Website

Co-Researchers develop Website

The picture below shows Guillermo at the computer with John helping create our website.

Guillermo creates Webpage

Guillermo  helps creates our webpage

The two pictures below show Sian building the webpage and looking happy when she had uploaded a picture.

Sian creating webpage

Sian creating webpage




After we uploaded photos, text and sounds on to our webpage we looked at the webpage together. The Wepage has an image link for each of the senses and image link about each Co-Researcher and about the MERL. The picture below shows Rachel pointing to the link she has chosen to discuss.

Rachel points to website

Rachel points to website

Sian described the sound of metal hitting metal to caption the picture of the Anvil from the MERL collection.

Chaumchaum the sound of the anvil being hit

Chaumchaum the sound of the anvil being hit

You can see the Klikin Group Page HERE

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