Multimedia Advocacy Workshop at Liverpool Mencap

We had a workshop to introduce use of the Klik in ‘easy build’ website as a tool for Multimedia Advocacy to the Project participants and researchers and their supporters. It was at Liverpool Mencap’s Offices. Andy and Ajay from the Rix Centre showed the group how the Wiki Websites work and everyone had a go at making a website.

Here is a couple of video clips of what people thought of the workshop…

DSCN0305 from andy minnion on Vimeo.

DSCN0303 from andy minnion on Vimeo.

The ‘easy-build’ website worked well as a frame for conversations, self-advocacy and thinking about what we wanted to say to the public. We came up with a plan for a wiki that could feed our thoughts into the Speke Hall workshop series.

We planned 6 sections for our Wiki website to capture the Sensory Object research that we are doing.

ABOUT US – where we introduce all of us researchers and our supporters

SPEKE HALL – where we show the pictures, sound and video clips that we take at Speke Hall. We add our comments and share our thoughts.

WORKSHOPS – about each of the project workshops, we share our pictures and clips, talk about what we liked and our ideas.

MAKING THINGS – here we share the various creative things we have done, especially our work with artists and our work with exhibitions and collections

MUSEUMS – a section where we talk about our experiences of museums, collections and heritage sites. We use pictures and clips to talk about what works for us and what doesn’t!

MESSAGES – here we will let people know what we have to say about museums, heritage sites and how Sensory Objects can make them better. We will sum up what we learn on the project and give advice from our experience… we will tell it how it is!

We have ANOTHER PLAN – to make a wiki at each workshop session as part of organising our pictures and clips, thinking over our impressions and working up our comments.

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